Create personalised wedding invitation belly bands

For your wedding invitations and inserts

Wedding invitation belly bands from Rosemood are yet another opportunity to personalise your wedding stationery suite! Present your wedding invitations and wedding invitation inserts with elegance by securing them together into delicate parcels thanks to our wedding belly bands. You can personalise your wedding invitation belly bands with your names, initials or wedding date to make them truly unique. Take a look below for more information on how to personalise your wedding invitations belly bands and a step-by-step guide on how to use them with your wedding invitations.

Wedding invitation belly bands

What are wedding invitation belly bands?

Wedding invitation belly bands from Rosemood are designed to fit around your wedding invitations and matching wedding invitation inserts. They allow you to create neat bundles from your wedding invitations, guest information cards and RSVP cards, keeping them all together within the envelopes. Our wedding invitations belly bands feature pre-creased fold lines, perfectly placed so that they fit snugly around your wedding invitation suites. Matching belly bands are the perfect personalised wedding invitation accessory and could be that elegant finishing touch you are looking for!

Personalise your wedding invitation belly bands

Like all of our stationery, our wedding invitation belly bands can be personalised using our online editing tool. Simply choose the design that matches your wedding invitations and click on the red “Personalise” button. Please note that some wedding invitation designs come in multiple formats, so ensure that you select the right size belly bands to fit around your wedding invitations. If in doubt, contact our friendly customer service team who will be more than happy to help!

Create a wedding insignia or monogram for your wedding belly bands by adding your names or initials and your wedding date. That way your guests will know immediately who the beautiful wedding invitations are from, before even getting to the wedding invitations!

Given that our belly bands are formatted to fit around our wedding invitations, thank you for understanding that we are currently unable to offer bespoke dimensions of wedding invitation belly bands.

How to use my belly bands to present my wedding invitations

Take a look at our step-by-step guide on how to assemble your wedding stationery suites into sweet bundles using our wedding invitation belly bands. One full wedding suite will feature a copy of each of your wedding invitations, guest information cards and RSVP cards, as well as an envelope for your RSVP cards. Rosemood also provides you with strips of double-sided adhesive to secure your belly bands in place.

  • Step 1: Gather together all the elements of your wedding stationery suite, along with the sheet of double-sided adhesives, (and some helpful volunteers).
  • Step 2: Take one of your wedding invitations and lie it on a flat surface.
  • Step 3: Add one of your guest information cards, an RSVP envelope and then one of your RSVP cards on top of the wedding invitations.
Step 1 how to use wedding invitation belly bands
Step 2 how to use wedding invitation belly bands
  • Step 4: Unpeel one of the strips of double-sided adhesive and stick it to the belly bands as per the photo, sticking it as close as possible to the end of the belly bands.
  • Step 5: Fold the belly band along the two pre-creased fold lines and ensure the opposite side of belly band will cover the entire adhesive strip that you have just stuck down.
  • Step 6: Wrap the belly band around your wedding invitation and inserts making sure that your personalised text and the pattern are facing the same direction as the text on your wedding invitations.
Step 3 how to use wedding invitation belly bands
Step 4 how to use wedding invitation belly bands
  • Step 7: Turn your entire wedding stationery suite over so that the open end of your band is facing upwards. Now peel and remove the strip of paper from the double-sided adhesive and press the two edges of your belly bands firmly together. Tip: Avoid pulling the band too tight as this could cause your invitation to bend slightly.

Et voila...a perfect personalised wedding invitation suite! Once you have assembled your suite, you can simply slip it into your wedding invitation envelopes. We would suggest addressing your envelopes before sliding your wedding invitations and inserts into them so that you are writing on a flat surface. Now that just leaves you to recruit members of your bridal party to help you get a belly band production line going!

Step 5 how to use wedding invitation belly bands
Wedding invitations with inserts and belly bands

How to use wedding belly bands for your wedding decorations

Belly bands are not only a chic and practical way to hold together your wedding invitations and inserts, but can also be incorporated into your wedding decorations. Take a look at our wedding DIY tips to see how you can slip a belly band around each of your wedding menu cards and napkins to create personalised table decorations that cannot fail to impress your wedding guests! We have also seen belly bands wrapped around mason jars to create rustic centrepieces or even wrapped around a bag of colourful confetti. However you decide to use your belly bands, they are sure to stand the test of time thanks to our high-quality paper and printing, and will make a lovely souvenir for your guests from your special day!