Create your evening wedding invitations

Looking for stylish personalised evening wedding invitations? The search is over! Any of our invitations can be transformed into evening wedding invitations with a simple change to your wording. Take a look at our guide on what to bear in mind when creating your evening wedding invitations and how Rosemood can help you along the way!

Do I need evening wedding invitations?

You will only need evening wedding invitations if you are inviting certain guests to your evening reception only. If all of your guests are invited to all parts of the festivities then you will only need to send out one version of your wedding invitations.  

When should I send my evening wedding invitations?

3-4 months before the wedding. It is easier to send your evening wedding invitations at the same time as your day wedding invitations. Your suppliers will still need notice of how many people are attending the evening reception if you are providing food for your evening guests.

Choose your evening wedding invitation design

It is nice to match your evening wedding invitations to your day invites, and you can turn one into the other simply by changing your wording. When looking for the perfect wedding invitation designs for your special day, you will want to bear your colour scheme and theme in mind. Your invites are your guests first glimpse of what to expect from your evening reception so use your evening wedding invitations to set the tone for a sophisticated soirée or a lively night of dancing! Here are a few ways you can narrow down your choice of evening wedding invitations designs from Rosemood.

  • Your colour scheme: If you have already decided upon your wedding colour scheme then you can use the colour filters to the left of the catalogue. That way you will only see invitations that feature your chosen colour.
  • Your wedding theme: Use the collection filters in the catalogue to narrow down your options to traditional wedding invitations, rustic wedding invitationsunique wedding invitations and much more!
  • Foiled wedding invitations: If you want to add a touch of finesse or glamour to your evening wedding invitations then why not opt for invitations featuring our luxurious metallic foiling.
  • Photo wedding invitations: Create unique evening invitations that reflect your personalities, by adding a photo from your pre-wedding photo shoot thanks to our range of photo wedding invitations.

Choose your evening wedding invitation wording

Your evening wedding invitation wording should match the style of your day wedding invitations, and reflect the type of wedding that you are planning. Opt for traditional evening wedding invitation wording if you are hosting a formal and classic wedding, or get creative with some light-hearted evening wedding invitation wording to focus on the dancing for a more informal wedding reception.

You will need to include the following details on your evening wedding invitations:

  • Who is hosting the wedding reception
  • Names of the happy couple
  • Venue details
  • Date and time
  • RSVP details

You can type your wedding invitation wording directly to your invitations using our online editing tool. Simply click on a personalisable page and start typing. You can even choose the font for your text as well as the size and style!

Advanced personalised changes to your evening wedding invitations

If you want to mix it up a bit and change a certain element of your wedding invitations to create subtly different evening wedding invitations then you are in luck! Whilst you are able to personalise your text and photos within our online editing tool, our graphic designers can carry out other advanced personalised changes. These changes may include:

  • Changing the colour of your evening wedding invitations.
  • Adding or removing photos to and from your evening wedding invitations.
  • Moving elements of the illustrations.
  • Adding colour to the illustrations.

Simply get in touch with our friendly customer service team to request an advanced personalised change and we will get back to you about whether the change is possible and whether or not it will incur a small surcharge to cover the extra time it would take for our graphic designers to create your bespoke invitations.

Please note that we are unable to change the colour of watercolour wedding invitations seeing as they were originally hand painted. We are also unable to change the foiled aspects of any foiled wedding invitations seeing as the foil is applied manually with set stencils.

Choose the finishing touches for your evening wedding invitations

As will all of our personalised stationery, you will be given a choice of finishing touches to make your evening wedding invitations truly unique. Whilst submitting your order of evening wedding invitations, you will be asked to choose:

  • Your preferred paper type: we offer four high-quality paper types, with each one being adapted to different designs.
  • Corner types: we offer both square and rounded corners. Please note that rounded corners incur a surcharge.
  • Envelopes: we offer a range of envelopes to match your evening wedding invitations.

If you need any help deciding on your finishing touches then do not hesitate to get in touch. You can also order free samples of our wedding stationery to get a feel for our paper, envelopes and printing before placing your order.

Rosemood proofreads and retouches your evening wedding invitations

As part of our complimentary retouching service, our talented proofreaders and graphic designers will double check all aspects of your evening wedding invitations to make sure that they are perfect. They will even harmonise the wording and formatting with that of your day wedding invitations. Rest assured that your evening wedding invitations are in good hands, so go ahead and get them ticked off your wedding checklist!