Take the perfect baby photos for your personalised stationery

Photo baby thank you cards and baby announcements

Given that your baby thank you cards and baby announcements may be the first glimpse that your loved ones will get of your new baby, you want to make sure that you take the perfect baby photos for your personalised stationery. If you are still struggling to find your favourite photo of your little one, then take a look at our tips on how to take and choose good baby photos, as well as some suggested poses for your baby. Our friendly customer service team will be more than happy to advise you on the quality of your baby photos and suitable photo baby announcements or photo baby thank you cards.

Five tips on how to take and choose good baby photos for your personalised stationery

  • The key to a good baby photo is good natural light. We advise taking a photo of your baby close to a bright window to allow for this natural light. However, ensure that the sun is not shining directly on your little one’s face as this could mean that his or her face appears overexposed in the photo. It is also best to make sure that the light falls evenly across your baby’s face to avoid part of the face appearing darker than the rest.
  • Make sure that you have a clear background. It is a shame to have objects in the background that will take away from your baby’s face so we would recommend using a light coloured sheet as a background.
  • Dress your baby in light-coloured clothing or in clothes that match the colour of your baby announcements to create a harmonious composition. If you have multiple photos, we recommend that you select those with similar tones.
  • Do not to take your picture too closely. It is best to take a photo from a small distance so that you then have the possibility of zooming in on the photo using our photo editing tools. A zoomed photo can sometimes lack the required resolution, and it is not then possible to zoom out if required.
  • Change your photos to black and white. If the colours in each of your photos do not match or your photos seem to have small flaws, then we would recommend putting your photos into black and white.

You can even take a look at our blog for baby photo advice from professional family photographer Leni Moretti!

Baby photo ideas for your baby announcements or baby thank you cards

If you are still lacking inspiration for your baby photos for your baby announcements or baby thank you cards then take a look at our suggested poses and baby photo ideas. Don’t forget that there are no rules about what type of photo you should use for your baby stationery, so start thinking creatively.

Take your baby photos at head height

Taking a photo of your baby from his or her head height will produce a nicer photo than taking your baby photos from above. We, therefore, recommend that you line up your lens with your baby’s face. You can see examples of this in the image above, including the photo on our "Pastel Stripes" baby thank you cards.

Baby photos with the proud siblings

Your loved ones will be delighted to receive a photo of your entire brood. So have your older children lie down on a light-coloured sheet with your new baby, keeping their heads in the middle of the photo. Take a look at the example of this type of family photo above on our "Elegant Heart" (Foil) baby thank you cards.

Zoom in on the details

If you have chosen baby announcements or baby thank you cards with numerous photo fields you may wish to use some of the photo fields to show off your baby’s tiny features, with zoomed in photos of his or her hands and feet. Our "Medallion" baby thank you cards are great for these multiple photos. 

Photobooth style baby photos

Show off your new baby’s different facial expressions and his or her first signs of personality. Use multiple photobooth style baby photos where it is only the expression of your baby that changes, with he or she remaining in the same pose.

1 day, 1 week, 1 month

Show your loved ones how quickly your little one is growing, with multiple baby photos at one day, one week and one month old. Take all of the photos of your baby in a similar pose so that your friends and family can see how much he or she has changed.

Add pictograms to your baby photos

Add pictograms to have the key details of your child’s birth stand out against your baby photos. We recommend taking the picture of your baby against a uniform background so that all the pictograms will show up clearly. Take a look at our "Picto Landscape" baby announcements for more inspiration.