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Last updated: 09.11.2021

The most frequently asked questions

Does Brexit affect the delivery of your order?

All parcels sent from our French printing studio must clear customs before they can be delivered, this should not impact the timing of the delivery of your products for orders under £135 where no customs charges apply.

However, if your order is worth more than £135, you will be asked to pay a customs handling fee and VAT before your parcel can be delivered so the courier service will be in touch with you via letter, SMS or email to request payment. Please note, that this may extend the average delivery time. 

We will notify you as soon as we hand your parcel over to the courier service and you will be able to track your parcel every step of the way!

Do you need to pay VAT and customs charges?

The rules regarding payment of VAT have changed for goods arriving into the UK from France and depend on the value of your order. This does not change the overall price of your order, simply whether you pay the 20% VAT directly to Rosemood when placing your order or to HM Revenues & Customs when your order arrives in the UK. 

Orders under £135:  VAT is paid when placing your order. You pay the price indicated on the website. No customs fees apply.

Orders over £135: You will receive a 20% VAT reduction on the total price of your order, but you will, however, be required to pay the VAT directly to HM Revenues & Customs when your parcel arrives in the UK.You will also be required to pay a £12 customs handling fee. 

Orders over £873: You will receive a 20% VAT reduction on the total price of your order, but you will, however, be required to pay the VAT directly to HM Revenues & Customs when your parcel arrives in the UK.You will also be required to pay a £25 customs handling fee. 

You will be required to pay any relevant fees before your parcel can be delivered. For standard deliveries, you will be sent a letter in the post with details on how to pay the VAT and any handling fees. For express deliveries, this request for payment will be sent via SMS or email.

Can I order a single sample card?

Before you place your full order, you can see your favourite design in print by ordering a single personalised copy. Every year, you are entitled to one free personalised copy of the product and design of your choice (excluding posters, notebooks, calendars, photo prints, photo books and stickers). To order your sample, simply personalise the design of your choice and select "1 Free Copy" as your desired quantity from the drop-down menu. Before your sample is printed at our studio, our team will proofread and retouch your creation with the same attention and care as if it were a full order of multiple copies. You will receive your sample a few working days after you have been notified of it leaving our printing studio. This way you can get a feel for the design, paper, text, layout and general finish of your cards/invitations before placing your full order. You can order further personalised samples for £3 per card, inclusive of delivery to the UK.

Can I receive my invitations at two different addresses?

We cannot currently send cards or photo products directly to the lucky recipients. If you wish to send your cards to two separate addresses, you'd need to create two separate orders. There are a variety of ways to do this, including creating a copy of your drafted cards from the 'My Drafts' section of your account, or reordering cards that are currently printing. Feel free to contact our customer service representatives to find out more!

What are the order deadlines for Christmas?

Discover our order deadlines to make sure that you will get your gift in time for Christmas. As well as two different delivery types, we are also offering two different retouching services for certain products to give you as much time as possible to order your gifts with guaranteed Christmas delivery. 

If your order includes our full manual retouching service, our proofreaders will check over your text and our graphic designers will optimise the layout of your creation and the quality of your photos. 

For orders including our automatic retouching service, your photo will be retouched automatically by our professional software and your order will not be checked by our proofreaders.  

Last order dates per product based on delivery and retouching methods

Please note that these order deadlines are based on delivery to the UK. Delivery time to other countries/regions will vary.

 Manual Retouching ServiceAutomatic Retouching
+ Standard Delivery
Automatic Retouching
+ Express Delivery
Christmas Cards09/12//
Layflat Photo Books10/1213/1216/12
Softcover Photo Books12/1214/1217/12
Hardcover Photo Books12/1214/1217/12
Fabric Photo Books12/1214/1215/12
Fabric Notebooks12/1214/1215/12
Softcover Notebooks12/1214/1217/12
Photo PrintsN/A*15/1219/12

How do I personalise my card or invitation?

Once you have chosen your design, simply click on the red 'Personalise' button to enter into our editing tool. Here you will be able to personalise with ease the text and upload photos to the predefined photo zones on your card/invitation. You will also be able to change the predefined font, colour and text alignment of our card templates to suit your style, as well as applying various effects to your photos (such as rotation, zoom, contrast, black and white filters, etc.). Please note that you can also personalise baby thank you cards via our iOS or Android app.

How do I personalise my photo book?

To create your photo book, you'd just need to head to the relevant product page, then click on your chosen format and number of pages, then click on 'Create my album'. For our softcover and fabric hardcover photo books, you will need to select the cover design or colour before entering into our editing tool, whilst for printed hardcover photo books you will be able to choose from a range of cover designs once you are in our editing tool. From here, you'll be able to upload your images. You can then choose to use our autofill option to add the photos to your photo book automatically in chronological order or design your photo book from scratch. You will be able to choose from a range of layouts for each and every page, adding up to 9 photos per page. We also offer a selection of text and chapter page templates to help narrate your photo book. You can also create and personalise your photo book on the go using our iOS and Android photo book app.

As a business, can I order from your website?

Of course! You can find more information about our corporate gifts or promotional merchandise here. Our friendly customer service team will also be happy to assist you at any time.

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