Layflat Photo Books

Thanks to traditional printing and binding techniques, your layflat photo book is designed to showcase your favourite photos in their full double-page glory!

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  • Responsible production & FSC-certified paper.


25 x 25
28,6 x 22

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Because some moments simply deserve a double-page spread

Layflat photo books are designed to become your latest family heirloom; a photo album that will take pride of place on your coffee table and one that you will treasure for generations. A signature of fine bookmaking, the stunning results of traditional layflat binding techniques will show off your photos in their double-page glory, giving you an uninterrupted experience of your fondest memories. Ideal for showing off the group shots from your wedding day or those sweeping panoramic shots from your trip of a lifetime, you can personalise your layflat photo book with ease to suit any occasion.

Layflat Photo Books for a double-page spread

Proofreading & Retouching Service

To make sure your photo book is perfect we will:

  • Proofread your text (up to 500 words)
  • Check and retouch your cover photo manually
  • Optimise the layout of the front and back cover
  • Have your other photos retouched automatically

Product Information

  • Responsible production: Offset carbon emissions
  • 2 formats: square and landscape
  • Range of cover designs
  • High-quality adhesive binding
  • Premium smooth matte paper
  • Responsible printing and FSC certified paper
  • 30 to 74 pages
  • Add a luxury gift box for £20

Your photo album, your way

We have carefully curated a collection of cover designs and inside page layouts that allow you to create unique photo albums that look as good open as they do closed. Choose from a range of templates to showcase your favourite photos on the front of your photo book and add personalised text to introduce the story that the inside pages will share. You can then personalise the layout of each and every page, with the layflat binding guaranteeing a seamless finish for your double-page spreads and thus an uninterrupted view of your favourite images! Display your layflat photo album on your shelf or leave it open on your coffee table, where a simple flick of the page will give you a new focal point to admire. For those extra special occasions, you may even wish to slip your layflat photo album into one of our exclusive luxury presentation boxes!

Your photo book in expert hands

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Premium layflat photo books

We are proud to add our layflat photo books to our collection. The traditional binding technique allows the pages to lay 180 degrees flat, which allows you to admire your double page photos without having to hold down the pages and without losing any detail of your favourite images in the central fold of the book! Printed on paper of the highest quality and bound with the greatest care, our layflat photo books are designed to be enjoyed for years to come. We offer a range of timeless and elegant designs, which can be personalised online with your choice of photos and text. We also offer a choice of paper types for the inside pages of your photo album, carefully selected for their weight, print quality and unique texture. Choose our matte white paper for its smooth finish perfect for printing vibrant photos or our satin coated paper for a traditional glossy photo finish.

Panoramic shots in their full double-page glory

In your layflat photo book, you can use your panoramic photos to create a striking double-page spread with edge to edge printing. Layflat binding allows you to use the maximum space in your photo book with no detail of your photos being lost in the central fold of your photo book. Whether it’s a family photo, a group snap from your wedding day or a breathtaking panorama from your trip of a lifetime, your layflat photo book will allow you to enjoy your favourite photos in their full glory. Ideal for a wedding photo album full of group photos or the collection of unforgettable landscapes in your travel photo album, our layflat photo books will allow you to dive straight back into some of your favourite memories. Choose from our range of formats and sizes and then personalise your layflat photo book online. Our timeless designs and premium print quality will allow you to treasure your photo album for years to come. Do not hesitate to get in touch with our customer service team if you have any questions about our layflat photo books!

Personalise your layflat photo album online

Create your layflat photo album with ease on your computer or using our photo book app. Choose your preferred format and cover design, before entering into our editing tool. Upload your favourite photos and then drag and drop them onto the pages of your layflat photo book or allow our photo book maker to automatically fill the pages for you! Your photos will be organised in chronological order and the tool will automatically choose the most suitable page layouts. We offer a range of page templates that allow you to add up to 9 photos per page! You can also add full-page photo and of course double-page formats, which will have a stunning finish in your layflat photo album. You can even add text to accompany your photos and chapter pages to narrate the story told across your album. Our easy-to-use tool will help you to create a memories photo album in your unique style. After you have personalised your photo book, our proofreaders will check over your text and our graphic designers will retouch the cover of your photo book. Your layflat photo book will then be printed and bound by our teams here in France using sustainable printing technology.