Our story... over 10 years together

How did we make it this far?

A bumpy start...

2006 - 2007: Grégoire has a light-bulb moment and finally shares his brilliant idea with Antoine. It is "love at first hearing" with Antoine becoming Gregoire's business associate to help get his brilliant idea off the ground. 

2008: After fine-tuning this idea together, they officially launch a website dedicated to virtual invitations and cards.

2009: Their business idea is so brilliant that their newly launched website is a complete failure :)

So they found themselves asking what to do now? Give up, because they're penniless, or try out a different venture...

You guessed right. They opted for the latter option.

Hélène joins the Founding Duo and together, they launch a new website, this time focused solely on printed personalised stationery.

A second chance...

Three web developers join the team to help create this new website, all three named "Guillaume". #whatacoincidence. Today our three "Gui-Geeks" are still with us, constantly improving our website and our applications!

Three was Rosemood's lucky number, three founders, three developers and three initial designers. The fantastic Tomoë, Marion Bizet and Marguerite Courtieu arrive to create the very first collection of baby announcement cards, with these talented designers still helping us create a range of stationery today!

May 2010: Fairepartnaissance.fr goes live on 19th May 2010, featuring elegant and modern baby announcement cards for the French market. Hélène, Antoine and Grégoire were excited to launch the website that they would have loved to see when they were looking for baby announcement cards for their own children! The team was super proud to have everything up and running and nervously awaited the first orders!

Ready, steady, go!

Summer/Autumn 2010: The site starts to take off and the first orders are in! The team could not be more thrilled. This was the start of our hallmark proofreading and photo retouching service, initiated by our very first interns and apprentices!

Whilst the team was based in Paris, the printing of our beautiful cards was done in Nice. Our first customers had to be a little patient as in the humble beginnings, we could only print cards twice a week!

Early 2011: Rosemood started to grow rapidly so Hélène, Antoine and Grégoire start to wonder whether it was time to stop living the Parisian dream Tokyo Tower on Google  and set up shop elsewhere in France 🌴 ⛵ 🌊

Rosemood offices Nantes, France

Let the printing begin!

2011: The team is full steam ahead and branches out into wedding stationery too. By the end of the year, the hard work was paying off, as the turnover reached 1 million euros!

By this point, the team had grown to 15 people, 8 of whom decided to carry on the Rosemood adventure when the company left Paris for Nantes, home of our current HQ and printing atelier.

2012: The success story continues as Rosemood's revenue is now over 3 million euros.

To help grow the business, more people are recruited to join the team and to continue spoiling our customers!

It was also at this point that we decided to make the big leap of faith in opting to print everything internally! By spring 2013, we had found the perfect printing studio, had all our machines set up and our Printing Director Ivann started running tests! Life could not be better!

2013: Meanwhile, with demand higher than ever for our stationery, it was time to get a few new designers on board! Mr and Mrs Clynk were also based in Nantes, so a quick visit to our offices and printing studio, (along with a plethora of mini cakes), had them join the ranks.

Printing studio Rosemood

July 2013: We started printing everything internally!
A world of product innovation lay ahead.

Printing atelier

Ich bin ein Berliner

December 2013: We decide to explore new waters by launching in Germany! So we set up "geburtskarten.com" which means baby announcement cards in German, just as fairepartdenaissance.fr means baby announcements in French!

2014: The company continues to grow with now over 50 team members and another two wonderful designers on board; Petite Alma and My Lovely Thing.

2015: To celebrate our successes and our 5th birthday, the whole team headed off to Ile d'Yeu. Everyone had such a great time, that we decided that it should be an annual event and Rosemood Camp was born!

rosemood team

One Heart, One Rosemood

May 2016: After 18 months of work, redesigning our website and thinking about our brand image, we now had 3 websites: fairepartnaissance.fr (solely for baby stationery), rosemood.fr to cater to everything wedding and rosemood.de (which took over geburtskarten.com) for our German market. How the name Rosemood came into being is a story for another day...

December 2016: Our first foil stamped products make an entrance, red carpet style, onto our websites after 2 years of planning. Hurrah!

January 2017: To harmonise everything and to make things easier for our French clients, we decide to keep rosemood.fr as our sole French website for all our products so a new brand is born!

Everything became much clearer for the client and for us: one heart, one soul, one Rosemood.

We cross the channel, the UK here we come!

June 2017: The long-awaited Rosemood UK was launched and the British public is delighted. The Rosemood team may have grown from 3 people to 3 countries but we remain a tight-knit community!

March 2018: First exciting milestone of the year: Rosemood now had over 100 people busily crafting beautiful stationery for our customers.

A new chapter: Photo Books

May 2018: After months of preparation, our high-end Italian fabric photo albums finally saw the light of day and were quickly added onto our French website.

September 2018: So that our German and UK customers didn't miss out, we happily made our photo books available to them too in September once we put together the finishing touches.

November 2018: It took several years to create our Facebook page but it took us even longer to understand the mobile world and its complexities. Thanks to our tech and design wizards Bastien and Eloïse, we were finally able to develop a super-speedy iOs app for our photo books, with an Android app to follow.

Christmas 2018: The Christmas period turned out to be an adventure, to say the least, and was a learning experience for us all, being the first time that Atelier Rosemood had so many photo book orders in such a short space of time!

Rosemood photo books

The calm...

2019: The year went by smoothly, filled with numerous new products hitting the scene: our modern printed hardcover photo albums, personalised wedding and baby stickers, a luxury foil-pressed photo calendar, our delicate vellum wedding catalogue, a beautiful Rosemood gift card and more...

Jan 2020: Christmas went a lot smoother this time around and we were able to send out record numbers of Christmas cards and gifts! We were gearing up for an exciting year of new products, passionate projects and more...

Rosemood team at work

...before the storm

March 2020: The start of a new uncertain world! No more weddings and celebrations so no more invitations! 

Luckily for us, we were saved by you and your photos! The lockdown saw you all catching up on years' worth of photo books and sending precious everyday memories to loved ones near and far. 

May 2020: We turned 10! No big celebrations as we had imagined but a super video call with the whole of Rosemood to celebrate! It was great to see everyone's faces again!

November 2020: A little behind schedule, we managed to bring out our stunning premium photo prints, high-class personalised notebooks and a fabulous new collection of calendars. 

December 2020: You gave our new products such a good reception that we had plenty of orders to keep us going over Christmas! Thanks so much for helping us get through a year like no other!

Rosemood 10th Birthday

Weddings in sight

June 2021: Finally, weddings start taking place again and summer approached without too many restrictions. Things are looking up!

At the same time, we had a phone call from our friend Patrick from the Celebrate group, the leading provider of personalised stationery in Germany (with brand KartenMacherei) and a leading player on the French market too (with brand Faireparterie). He asks whether Rosemood would think about joining the Celebrate group, an offer that we had to think long and hard about...

July 2021: but not for too long!

We let Patrick know that we would be interested as we had known the Celebrate group for a while now and are great admirers of what they have achieved in Germany! We knew that Celebrate could bring us extra resources and additional expertise that could only be beneficial to Rosemood.

August - December 2021: We got to know each other better, talked about everything we liked about Celebrate and what the group admired in Rosemood. We got into some of the technical details and started imagining how working together could work. 

December 2021: Discussions came to an end and we signed on the dotted line. 

The year finished with a bumper month and with record Christmas sales, our printing studio and office teams went above and beyond to get your orders to you on time!

It was also a historic month for Rosemood, which saw the construction of our future offices begin and saw Grégoire sign the first piece of paperwork for joining the Celebrate group. 

Beginning of 2022: Joining Celebrate remained a closely guarded secret until we were able to tell the entire Rosemood team. It was an emotional moment that marked the end of one chapter and the start of an exciting new adventure. A change that takes Rosemood to a new level and means that we are no longer on our own.

Of course, the team had a lot of questions and some worries, but generally, everyone felt the excitement of what this project meant for Rosemood. Steffen and Patrick, the big bosses at Celebrate, even came to Nantes to meet the teams and the teams understood straight away why we choose to team up with them!

And what now? 

We have started to work with Celebrate to pave the next steps together...

Celebrate are growing fast and so are we, so together we will be able to go further faster! 

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