Photo Book Layout Ideas

There is no right or wrong answer on how to perfectly lay out your photo book. Indeed, your instinct plays a big part in the process as you will place the pictures on the page according to how well they look next to each other. They can also look cohesive by following the general storyline of your photo book. A few tips can guide you through this process and enable you to create a seamless photo book. It’s time to print out your photos and display them on the pages!

The first steps for a photo book layout

Keep in mind the different photo angles and sizes whilst choosing for the photos that will go in your photo book. Make sure that they also are in focus to avoid any bad surprises when you print them out. Whilst choosing the right photos, you can start thinking about the size, paper and type of photo book you would like. Discover our 5 photo book types on our website with all their extra features to be sure to find your ideal photo book.

Choose your photos

The first step in making your photo book is to carefully choose your photos. Only select the pics that are unique and have a special meaning to you. Avoid picking too many photos that will crowd the page or including ones that are too similar. Distinct pictures will enable each photo to tell its part of the story. Usually, photo books follow a chronological storyline, but you can also organise it in sections. For example, divide your photo book according to the places you have been to on holiday.

Choose a layout style

As for the layout, let your imagination run wild by arranging different photo sizes on the page. This will give a photo collage effect that will remind you of your scrapbook activities during your teenage years. You can also keep it simple and place full page photos for a classic and timeless style. Don’t hesitate to vary the photo layout as you go along to give your photo book a sense of rhythm.

The first steps for a photo book layout
Create a travel photo book

Create a travel photo book

Creating a travel photo book is a perfect way to keep a record of your adventures around the world. You can get a certain pride from turning the pages, as it depicts everything you have accomplished far from the comfort of your home.

There are many ways to lay out a travel photo book. You can alternate between text and landscape photos to tell the story of your adventures and explain the context in which the picture was taken. Or, you can simply focus on the photos and add little side notes if necessary. You can make panoramic photos fit on a full double page with our layflat photo book. You can also experiment by picking a bleed image for this double page, as they enable to blur the edges for a more immersive experience. You might also want to include pictures of exotic food and dishes that you have tried during your travels. Regroup them on a double page in order to avoid making them look out of place next to grand buildings and landscapes.

Put together your wedding photo book

Make your special day memorable by putting together your very own wedding photo book.

Layout for formal wedding photos

Start by choosing pictures of the most memorable parts of your day, such as exchanging vows and moments of complicity between the bride and groom. Make your formal pictures stand out by giving them plenty of space on the page. You can also get creative by alternating snapshots of the bride and groom getting ready on their special day to create a cinematographic built-up. An intriguing back in time effect can also be created by displaying the preparation pictures in black and white next to the coloured on-the-day photos. Wedding photos also include group pictures with your relatives, friends and partner. The layflat photo book is ideal because the photograph can extend on a full double page without having to deal with that annoying crease that hides uncle Joe. However, fun wedding photos are also worth including.

Put together your wedding photo book

Layout for fun wedding photos

Let’s be honest, weddings are not all about glamour and elegance. Sometimes, you can find yourself laughing your head off because your bridesmaids have organised a hilarious dance for your wedding or because uncle Joe is happily singing away to a Madonna song after his sixth glass of wine. You can add more photographs per page in the fun part of your photo book to depict the liveliness of the event. Make those moments memorable by displaying your dancing guests on a double page. Place square shaped photos one after the other to add rhythm and movement to the festive part of your photo book. Feel free to also include nice photos of your loved ones enjoying themselves without paying attention to the camera.

Photo wedding

Surprise your family with a photo book

So many family pictures are kept on our phones and we don’t take the time to print them out. The next thing we know, our phone is full and we need to sort them out. Why not take this opportunity to select the best ones and display them in a softcover photo book?

Surprise your whole family with a collection of the best moments of the year. To do so, alternate between formal family pictures, nice portraits and fun selfies to picture all the special moments you have shared. Don’t hesitate to use plenty of space on the page for the landscape family pictures so that you can see everyone easily. Add captions to your family holidays to remember the year and place. You can create a yearbook by dividing your photo book between different seasons over a one-year period, or take this opportunity to display your children’s growth over the years. You can also use your family photo book as a recipe book, by adding text alongside your tasty family recipes.

Gift a birthday photo book

A birthday photo book is a kind gift to offer a friend or a family member. It gives them the opportunity to go back to those special moments that they shared with their loved ones. To make the perfect birthday photo book, you can either organise it in a chronological order or divide it according to places you have visited together. It could be when you went to the beach together, or when you visited the best coffee shop in town.

Surprise your family with a photo book

Gift to a friend

Take this opportunity to display fun group photos as well as individual pictures of your friend. Use a full page for your group photos to make them stand out. You can also use plenty of space for nice portraits of your friends posing for the camera. However, feel free to alternate the group photos and portraits with fun selfies. Different formats of the funnier pictures can be displayed in all directions on a single page for a messy and fun effect. Don’t worry too much about the perfect framing, as messy birthday photos have a certain charm. They depict how much you enjoyed yourselves, so much so that you did not pay attention to the quality of the photos. Your friend will surely be moved by the time and effort you have put into this gift and overjoyed to open this book full of memories.

Gift to a relative

Surprise your relatives with a photo book to wish them a happy birthday. Your grandparents will be delighted to find pictures of their childhood and adulthood all in one place. You might have to do a bit of searching for those old black and white photos, but they will love reminiscing and telling their story through pictures to their grandchildren. You can choose an elegant and vintage fabric photo books with a foil stamped title that will certainly please your relatives.